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Nicholas Scott - STFC

Nicholas Scott


Nicholas is Partner and co-founder at STFC. Experienced in dealing with clients throughout multicultural contexts. Skilled in international contracts, R.E. and property management, cross-border debt recovery, investments and business transactions.
He has provided legal advice to clients based in EU, US companies such as Federal Development LLC, British diplomats and companies, Australian organisations such as Walk Free.
He is also Chairman of a non-profit organisation focusing on human rights policies.

Elisabetta Trabucco - STFC

Elisabetta Trabucco


Elisabetta is Partner and co-founder at STFC. She is an experienced lawyer who has focused on corporate and commercial law at length. She provides legal advice on Venture Capital issues and has ensured professional assistance to investment funds, target companies, founders and start-up company management, early stage investments, development and follow-on capital.

Throughout her career, she has also gained a remarkable experience in the energy field, through transactions focusing on the development of power plants fueled by renewables.

Fabiana Fiorani - STFC

Fabiana Fiorani


Fabiana is Partner and co-founder at STFC. She is a civil law and litigation expert. Fabiana has achieved excellent results throughout the years in cases involving corporate law, labour law and family law. Fabiana always has a pragmatic and positive approach. She often deals with complex issues, including cross-border disputes and settlements before Civil Courts, Courts of Appeal and Arbitration Courts.

Costa & Associati


Costa & Associati accountants are Dr. Stefano Costa, Dr. Maria D’Annibale and Dr. M.Angela Panetta. The firm has extensive experience in assisting companies, including advice on business start-up, business tax, auditing and financial analysis, accountancy for all types of business. It’s professionals help companies grow by providing support on how to structure complex businesses, by determining tax effective structures and help identify and combine strengths with innovative ideas.


Piers Jennings - STFC

Piers Jennings


Piers is a solicitor of England and Wales dealing with cross-border issues between Italy and the UK.
Piers assists clients dealing with private and commercial issues, and has a decade of experience in trust management,
international AML requirements and is an affiliate member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

Massimo Lucantoni - STFC

Massimo Lucantoni


Massimo provides legal advice on civil law matters. He is particularly skilled in industrial property issues, including EU trademarks registration and patent applications, know-how protection, intellectual property. He is a skilled and experienced litigation lawyer. He also assists clients dealing with damage compensation and debt recovery issues.

Eugenia Barone Adesi - STFC

Eugenia Barone Adesi


Eugenia Barone Adesi is a young lawyer who has already gained almost 10 years experience in immigration and international protection law disputes, with excellent achievements. Over the years, she has cooperated with international organizations and partnerships; she has also attended several national and international projects focusing on minors protection matters. She often manages multicultural problems, family law issues, citizenship applications, visas and labour law.

Alberto Gulisano - STFC

Alberto Gulisano


Alberto Gulisano is a qualified civil law lawyer with special focus on corporate law.
He represents clients before Italian Courts of Appeal and High Courts, has also worked for international law firms in Germany, Austria and the UK.
Since 2006 he has gained significant experience in the following fields: Energy, Construction, Oi& Gas. Throughout the years he has been instructed by national and international law firms and acquired skills in dealing with engineering projects including company management and financial issues. From 2008 to 2015 appointed Head of Legal at Conergy Italia spa focusing on renewable energy. As of today Alberto is extremely skilled in negotiation and contracts within corporate law with deep knowledge of energy and renewables connected issues.

Manuela Mulas - STFC

Manuela Mulas


Manuela is a criminal lawyer and provides legal representation in any stage of court proceedings up to the court of highest appeals, the Corte di Cassazione.
She has significant expertise in the area of corporate law connected to bankruptcy law, commercial law and tax law.
Manuela adopts a client-focused approach, providing professional support that includes preventive consulting, criminal proceedings and litigation strategy.


Marvik Investments - STFC

Marvik Investments S.r.l.


Our company is based in Italy. We provide high quality standard financial services, plan and manage Venture Capital projects with deep focus on sustainable development, smart logistics & mobility start-ups. We help build brand new companies that want to re-think and shape the cities of the future.

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